A few words about words….

So, yeah it’s been a big week in Blue Jay land… 12 player trade, Izturis, Melky. And John Gibbons back in blue. Well, Blue Jay blue. Which is not Royals blue. Which is to say, differenter blue. Good things. Very good things.

But, as a result of all this goodness, two weird things have come to my attention. The first was an amusing analogy by Jose Bautista on twitter.

Which, on its own, is amusing. But then, today, came this from teammate J.P. Arencibia.

And that’s just odd. Really. Was there a team meeting about obscure analogies to use? Is this a perverse game of one-upmanship? Have I simply fallen behind with the slang the kids are using these days?

Whatever. I’m all over this story like white on rice, so I say, @blawrie13, clearly the ball is in your lingustically twsited court.

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The Buffalo Bautistas going deep everyday

There are a lot of good things would come with the Blue Jays having their Triple-A squad in Buffalo, something that it seems like — if the rumours are true — could happen in the middle of next month.

There’s the obvious proximity factor and how much easier it would be for players to go up and down from the majors to Triple-A and vice versa. There’s the fact that the International League is much lesser hitter friendly than the ridiculous Pacific Coast League and is therefore much easier to get a true sense of the development and performance of both hitters and pitchers.

There’s the stadium, which by all accounts is great. Seriously, check out this review. The guy’s only real complaint is that there’s nothing around the stadium. Of course there’s nothing around the stadium. It’s downtown Buffalo. But that doesn’t mean Buffalo’s not worth the trip. Buffalo’s actually pretty great. Dont’ believe me? Visit the Old Pink and then try to tell me otherwise.

Anyway, look, did I mention the proximity? That’s key. You know how all the Blue Jays are hurt right now and they’re a bit painful to watch? As much as it sucks, things like this will happen again. If the Jays align with Buffalo, then we can all go watch the real Jays come back from their injuries and when Jose Bautista hits a grand slam during his rehab stint, you can be there in person!

Oh right, Jose Bautista hit a grand slam tonight in New Hampshire! Check it out:

Comparing Hitters, the Very New School Way

I must begin by saying that this is all possible due to the wonderful work of Brooks Baseball, and, most importantly, the new Hitter Profiles tool which was released this last week… all the graphics come from this handy website. It allows you to search, by many, many different criteria, the hitters results in the Pitch f/x era (2007 onward). This is data that was formerly left to the nebulous realm of spreadsheet function creators. No more years of study. Now, click a few drop down menus and BAM! you’re looking at graphical representations of any hitter’s performance.

Best. Toy. Ever.

And you can learn a lot of things in a short period of time. Allow me to show you some pictures I’ve snapped from the above website. Which you should also go to, and possibly waste a bunch of time on…. not that I did that already.

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Jose Bautista: Steam train of awesome

Hola amigos. How’s tricks? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I’ve pretty been bummed lately.

Brandon Morrow. Kyle Drabek. Drew Hutchison.

Ricky Romero’s not his usual self. Henderson Alvarez is falling hard and fast.

And now there’s a Shawn Hill to worry about. And maybe a Jeremy Guthrie?


Not a whole lot to be excited about as far as starting pitching goes.

But not all is bleak for Blue Jays fans. There is one bright spot on the team; one steam train of awesome that’s rolling over opponents left and right even if he can’t carry the team to victory by himself.

Jose Bautista is amazing.

Sure, there are other players to be excited about on the team. Plenty of them, actually. But if you’re like me and you’re feeling a little down about the team on the whole, there’s nothing quite like a solid Bautista bomb to cheer you up. For example, watch this ding dong he blasted last night.

Take that, baseball, indeed.

The great thing about Jose is that when he connects with one, and I mean really connects, everybody watching knows as soon as ball hits bat. As soon as Bautista connects, the only question is “how far past the outfield wall is this one going to land?” and that is a great question. It’s a question I don’t think I’ll ever tire of asking.

Edited to remove swears. We’re not DJF (if you’re confused, you can tell by the lack of profanity, the lack of frequency and the lack of quality).