Baseball fans rejoice … it’s OOTP season!

Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part preview/review of Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) 13, a computer baseball simulation game that is set to be released by Out of the Park Developments on April 6, 2012. Part one will be more a general overview of the series as a whole, targeted primarily at explaining the game to those who have never played OOTP, along with some first impressions. Part two will follow in a few days and will delve into some of the game’s new features and will offer up some final thoughts.

We stray off the Blue Jays path slightly today to bring a little discussion about the OOTP game series. We at Infield Fly were lucky enough to get a beta/preview copy of OOTP 13 recently and as a long-time fan of the game, I’ve spent the last couple days exploring the new game.

To put it simply, OOTP may just be the best game series you’ve never heard of. While to the loyal diehards who have already been converted it is an annual must-have, the series as a whole remains in a relatively niche market that hasn’t yet hit the mainstream.

Off the top I’ll say that this type of game definitely isn’t for everyone. If you require flashy graphics and more traditional video games, OOTP might be lacking the frill you require. However, if you’re an analytical baseball fan, one who loves poring over stats and box scores, who enjoys following your favourite team’s prospects or one who has ever questioned why a team’s general manager has or hasn’t made a certain move, this is a game worth exploring.

30 men are fortunate enough to be general managers in the major leagues and 30 men are lucky enough to be on-field managers in the big leagues. For the rest of us, this is as close and as real as you’re going to get!

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